Park Inby aims to defend Olympic golf championship

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Park Inby , South Korean female golfer Aims to protect Olympic golf champions at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics after completing it in 2016 in Brazil.

women’s golf tournament The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is about to begin on August 4, with former champion Park Inby of the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, revealed that this event.

“2016 was the most stressful race I’ve ever had in my life. But this year it’s clearly better than before. And I’m much more relaxed because of my physical condition.”

“In 2016 I had to deal with injuries. I have to deal with the pressure. But this year it is different.”

“It’s one chance in four years and I want to do well. and does not want to withdraw I’m just trying hard to fight the injury. Many people are worried about my health. I’ve been through many situations that put me under pressure. But this feeling gave me the strength to move on. And if I get a gold medal, it would be great.”