Israel’s Linoy Ashram beating Dina Averina of the Russian

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Israel’s Linoy Ashram caused great displeasure at the individual rhythmic gymnastics finals. Became the first non-Russian champion since 1996.

The 22-year-old toppled her long reign by defeating Russian Olympic Committee gold medalist Dina Averina in second.

Averina burst into tears when the score was revealed. And said that she felt the score received was too low.

“It’s very difficult to talk now,” Averina said afterward.

“I don’t see how the score was today.”

She was comforted by the Arena. Her twin sister, who finished fourth.

“And this might be the first time I disagree with the referee. And I feel that Arina and I are not scoring enough points.”

The Twins were favorites for top medals qualifying in first and second.

Alina Harnasko received a bronze medal for Belarus.

Before the victory of the Hermitage Israel’s best performance on this list was a seventh-place finish by Neta Rivkin at London 2012.

“When I was young I dreamed of going to the Olympics and competing there. Then I went to win the gold medal,” said Linoy Ashram.