Gauntlet Grant hangs up a glove at the age of 39

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Manchester United reserve goalkeeper Lee Grant has announced he will retire at the age of 39.

Manchester United have signed Grant since 2018 as a third-choice player for the first time on a two-year contract. He then renewed the one year contract twice. Until it was time to finally decide to hang up the gloves.

During his four-year career with Manchester United, Grant only played two ufabet games in the first season of the 2018-19 Carabao Cup. And the following season watched the post of Europa League games, while the past two seasons have not played an official game at all, not even a minute. Grant made his name in the Championship with Sheffield Wednesday, Burnley, Derby County and touched the Premier League with Stoke City in the 2016-17 season where he played 28 games. Until the eye of Manchester United wants to be a reinforcement.

“There are too many incredible football people to thank as I’ve received untold amounts of help from so many special people over the last 23 years. I do however want to say a huge thank you to my family and in particular my wife, Helen, for moving around the country with me, allowing me to pursue my dream. Football has given me so much, but it can also be tough on partners and children. Without them it would never have been possible to achieve what I did.

“As I move into the next stage of my career, I’m excited and hungry about the beginning of a new journey and the hard work that lies ahead!”