Agnelli insists on not giving up on Super League

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Juventus president Andrea Agnelli insists he has not raise the long flag for the formation of the Super League program. Which was previously neuter.

Juventus president Andrea Agnelli has revealed he will not give up on the ‘Super League’ formation. Which has been sterilized shortly after the project was announced. The team is one of three clubs that are still in a project with Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​two giants of the league, according to Sky Sport Italia on Friday. come

Agnelli attended the Juventus sharehol

Agnelli attended the Juventus shareholders’ meeting on Friday at the Allianz Stadium, giving his opening speech, speaking about the ufabet club‘s performance over the past season. on and off the field

‘We will approve a €210 million loss in financial statements and it is fair to come here to explain what happened,’ Agnelli introduced.

‘We will enter into a new agreement with the board and will request a new capital increase of 400 million euros to understand what Juventus will do, it is useful in the context of the macroeconomic framework Juve is moving.

‘A better economic framework Contrary to the rumors we feel unhappy in our industry.’

‘We played 60 games behind closed doors from May 2020 until last season. All income paths are question. leading to political and institutional turmoil’

Juventus president

Juventus president also said of the Super League project: ‘Super League, the consequences of the ECA and UEFA for the roles held for Real Madrid, Barcelona and today we are awaiting consideration. Court of Justice of Europe’ case 

‘The Super League is a response from 12 clubs that football has rejected changes to maintain a non-risk, non-competing, but cash-only level of politics.

‘I don’t want to give up. and I didn’t do it yesterday I won’t do it tomorrow The system needs change and Juve wants to be a part of it. but only through constructive dialogue for everyone.’

‘We can assess the impact of the coronavirus pandemic at the end of the season’

‘So what will Juventus do? We will clean up the impact of coronavirus at the end of the season. At the end of 2019 the club has approved the plan and it has not been cancel due to coronavirus.’

‘Our plans are reliable. Brought inevitable losses in the early years. But it is a reliable plan and it remains to this day,’ Agnelli said.