How To Get A Bigger Penis Fast – Full Guide To Bigger Penis

Over the internet, there are many resources available for increasing penis size but in this guide I am going to show you how to get a bigger penis naturally by only using exercises (No pills, extenders, pumps, surgery).

getabiggerpenisWe often heard that “dog is the man’s best friend” but we all know it is not true. Our best friend is only ONE and that is between our legs “a little head”.

In this page, we are going to talk about one of most sensitive topic for men “MALE SEXUALITY”. Yes the larger part of this page talks about how to get a bigger penis but exercises that I am going to recommend in this page will help in improving whole sexual health.

I mean there is no use of having large penis if you can’t make it enough hard or you can stay longer for bed. Although your focus should be on increasing penis size but don’t neglect other important factors of happy sexual life.

One very important thing I would like to say is this guide if for men by men so I may use explicit language to deliver my message to you. If you are uncomfortable with it then you can close this page and leave it now.

Biggest Myth Of All – “Penis Enlargement is Impossible”

Although the myth “Penis Enlargement is Impossible” is quickly fading away from internet but still many men think it is impossible to increase penis size. If you are one of those men then you have to look over the internet and read some success stories. There are countless success stories over the internet about how men are increasing their penis size with the help of penis enlargement exercise.

I personally feel that penis exercise is the safest, powerful and cheapest method for increasing penis size. That is why, according to estimation there are over 1.2 billion men who successfully able to increase penis size with penis exercise that I am going to reveal below. These men are residing in online communities to share their results and progress. One 45-years old man said:

“I have gained over 1.5 inches of length and 0.5 inches of girth in a year. My wife and I both think this is remarkable and still have a hard time believing how much my penis has changed. Even better, I’m much more confident. It is crazy how this one activity – exercising my penis – seems to affect just about everything in my life. Why couldn’t I have found out about this stuff 15 years ago?”

Part I: Penis Exercising – The Beginning:

Key To Bigger Penis – Monitoring:

The most important key for getting a bigger penis is monitoring your progress. And to monitor your progress in the future, you have to first measure your penis. Don’t start penis exercising without measuring as it will lead you nowhere and most probably you will get frustrated before obtaining your goal.

Additionally, monitoring your progress will give you motivation that is very important for your success. It totally depends on you how many times you want to measure your penis in a month. Some men prefer to measure their penis after two week and some prefer to measure their penis after every week.

Erect Length & Girth – Two Important Measurements:

We want to see bigger erect size penis so this is reason most men prefer to take only two measurements that are erect length and erect girth. Measurement of flaccid penis is not required because diet, temperature, water all affect the length and girth of flaccid penis. However, if you want to see bigger flaccid penis then you can take these measurements as well.

You need two things to measure your penis and that are:

  • Straight Edge Ruler
  • Cloth Measuring Tape (Tailor Tape) or String of Cloth

Measure The Same Way:

One very important thing to get bigger penis is keeping accuracy while taking measurements. Always try to remain consistent and use the exact same way to measure your penis like you did the very first time. For example, if you measure your penis while sitting then next time measure your penis in sitting position as well. Don’t cheat in measuring your penis because you are only fooling yourself if you do so.

Erect Length:

To measure the erect length of your penis, you need straight edge ruler. When it comes to measuring erect length then there are mainly two common methods. These two methods are:

  • Bone Pressed Erect Length (BPEL)
  • Non-Bone Pressed Erect Length (NBPEL)

Most men prefer BPEL than NBPEL because it gives accurate results and secondly it shows bigger size. In this page, you are going to focus mainly on Bone Pressed Erect Length (BPEL).

Measuring Bone Pressed Erect Length (BPEL):

erect length

Make sure your penis is 100% erect before taking measurements. Place ruler above the penis and press it against the public bone to record to closest readings. See the picture above for reference.

Erect Girth:

Most women prefer thicker penis over long penis so you must give importance to thickness (girth) of your penis. It is very important to measure girth of your penis at the same place every time.

If you take the girth measurement of your penis base then next time take the measurement of base only. Most men prefer to take girth measurement from two places that are middle of shaft and the thickest part. If you need accurate results then you have to take girth measurement from three places that are base of penis (where penis attach with body), middle of penis (midshaft) and head of penis.

Measuring Erect Girth:


There are two methods for measuring erect girth:

Method 1:

Make sure your penis is 100% erect before taking erect measurements. Wrap cloth measuring tape or tailor tape around the penis and record the readings. Use picture above for reference

Method 2:

Use string of cloth to wrap it around your penis and put your finger at the place where ends meet. Put the string of cloth on ruler and record the erect girth measurement.

Set A Goal:

After taking measurements of your erect length & girth next you have to set a goal. Without goal you will go nowhere. Setting your end goal is very important to achieve success with penis exercise. This is because your small achievable goals give you great motivation.

Penis Exercise is lot different than going to gym because you have no friend that call you to exercise penis. You and alone you have to achieve your targets and setting small goals is one of the best ways to get your end target.

Every man has different goal when it comes to having bigger penis. It is possible your goal will be different from other men. Here are some men who describe their goals in different communities:

“I am average in size, and I did like an extra inch of length and an extra half inch of girth – just enough to put me in the above average range.”


“I am starting out with 7 inches of length and 5 inches of girth. I am shooting for 8 inches by 6 inches. The wife, on the other hand, wants no more length – just girth”

Three Rules For Stable Penis Growth:

If you need your penis to grow naturally then you need to create environment inside your body that promote growth of your penis. Puberty was the best time for penis growth but once it is over you have to increase penis size with proper lifestyle.

Excessive alcohol, smoking and stress all stop penis from growing. Additionally, 24/7 exercising also does not give you best results. Doctors, fitness experts, bodybuilders all know that exercising all seven days a week doesn’t bring good results. Muscles need time to recover from workout as does your penis as well. To make penis bigger you don’t need to work hard instead you need to work smart. Here are three rules for stable penis growth.

Rule #1 – Get Adequate Rest:

Now this is very important rule for getting bigger penis. Your penis is very sensitive and if you apply extra pressure or doesn’t allow time to recover then it will lead to negative results such as weak erection.

Your penis needs adequate rest to recover and grow after workout. There is no fix rule about how much time your penis needs to recover. Different men need different amount of time to recover. It depends on since how long you are exercising.

In the beginning, I recommend you to take two rest days in between your exercise days. Once you start feel comfortable then you can continue doing penis exercise for 6-7 days without rest.

Rule #2 – Drink Lot of Water

You may heard doctor and fitness experts giving long lectures on importance of water but you may not know that water is secret ingredient for strong and bigger erection.

Water is known to improve blood flow in the body which means your penis will get amply amount of blood which results in longer and stronger erection. According to John Collin’s (the author of PE Bible), it is recommend to drink at least three litres of water every day.

Don’t comprise on drinking water when it comes to bigger penis because water purify blood and supply oxygen with blood to your penis.

Rule #3 – Gradually Increase Intensity:

Do you know very popular rule of bodybuilding? It is keep changing intensity to keep body guessing. Similarly, when it comes to penis exercise then you have to gradually increase intensity to put new high for your penis.

However, you have to be very carefully while increasing intensity because extra reps or pressure can lead to overtraining. Once get comfortable with the beginning level exercises and then switch to advance exercises is the key to stable penis growth.

Part II – Beginner Penis Enlargement Exercise:

It doesn’t matter how many times you will search for how to get a bigger penis, you will found different penis exercise every time. Although the way and technique is different but the penis exercises are same.

To make your penis stronger and improve your overall sexual stamina there are three main exercises that are Kegel, Jelq and Stretching. Along with them there are warm up exercise and cooling down exercise.

Warm Up and Cooling Down exercise is important with every other exercise because they improve grip and increase blood flow into the penis. Make sure you start every exercise with Warm Up exercise and end your exercise with Cooling Down Exercise.

(Basic) Warm Up Exercise:

Warm Up Exercise should be main part of your penis exercise routine. This is because with the Warm Up exercise your penis will get additional blood that helps in making it larger and stronger.

There are different methods available about warming up penis. But the method that I going to discuss doesn’t need any equipment and it is very simple. I used this warming up exercise for almost every exercise and I encourage you to do so.

All you have to do is to immerse your penis in warm water for 5-7 minutes. By holding your penis under the facet of your bathtub for 7 minutes will create great platform for other penis exercise. You can also do penis exercise after taking a hot bath as well.

(Basic) Stretching:

40 percent erection

Stretching is most common penis exercise that men are doing it since many decades. This is one of the effective penis enlargement exercise but if you don’t do it correctly then it can easily hurt your penis.

Before showing you about how to perform it correctly, let me tell you how it helps in making penis bigger and stronger. Penis is not a muscle or bone instead it is span of spongy tissue ‘Corpora Cavernosa‘ with pockets to collect blood. The more blood these pockets will get the stronger erection you will obtain. By stretching your penis you are simply making this tissue to become bigger and hold more blood.

In order to perform this exercise you need good quality lubricant. I personally prefer Vaseline because it gives good grip on penis for longer period as compare to water-based lubricants.

Use Vaseline to masturbate your penis still you obtain 40% erection (See the picture above). Once you gain 40% erection then start stretching your penis. There are six different types of stretches then you need to perform. These are:

  • Straight Out in front of you, parallel to ground
  • Straight Up
  • Straight Down
  • Tight Right
  • Tight Left
  • Full Circular Stretch

Start by creating ‘OK’ sign with your index finger wrapped just below the head by using right hand. Use the other hand to pull out penis in front of you parallel to ground and hold this position for 10 seconds before switching to next stretch. If your erection start going down then make sure to increase it to 40% before switching to next stretch.

You have to complete 3-5 reps of each stretch. Don’t go for more than 5 reps. Keep it in mind that this is not a sprint race instead it is marathon. You have to keep consistency and avoid your penis from any possible injury.

Once you done with exercise then use cooling down exercise (describe below) to cool down your penis.

(Basic) Jelqing:


Jelqing is yet another effective exercise for penis enlargement. Jelqing is another name of milking. This is simple exercise and you will find about it in almost every guide you will read about how to get a bigger penis.

Jelqing is important for increasing length as well as thickness of the penis. Although stretching exercise is great for increasing length but only drawback is stretching exercise do very little to thickness of penis. Thankfully, with the combination of Jelqing and Stretching you can make your penis stronger and longer.

One thing you should know is that Jelqing is not a new technique instead it is used by men since many centuries. This exercise came from Arab Tribe where men used to increase their penis with jelqing during Puberty.

Lubricant is important for this exercise and I recommend Vaseline for it. However, you can also apply water-based lubricant but you have to reapply between the exercise to keep firm grip on your penis.

In order to start this exercise you have to apply lubricant to gain 50% erection (See the picture above for illustration). Once you gain 50% erection then create ‘OK’ sign to get firm grip on your penis. Don’t hold your penis tightly. If you are holding your penis with your left hand then move it gently towards the head of the penis. Once it reaches head of penis then switch hand and repeat again.

After completing 10-20 reps, your penis head will become bigger as it now contains more blood. In the beginning, it is important to keep reps under 20 depending if your penis can control it. If you feel uncomfortable in between then stop it right away.

(Basic) Kegel Exercise:


Kegel exercise is the easiest penis exercise. Although this exercise has very little to do with increasing penis size but it helps greatly in controlling ejaculation. Many men use this exercise to last longer in bed and some experts say Kegel exercise provides great control over ejaculation.

Although Kegel Exercise is easy but locating Pelvic Floor is difficult. Once you found your Pelvic Floor muscle then you can easily train it anywhere and anytime. Additionally, you can perform this exercise how many times you want because it has no side-effects.

The Kegel exercise I am going to share you will help you in locating Pelvic floor muscle as well.

You have to go to restroom and urinate. Now try to stop the urine in mid-flow without touching. The muscle that used to stop the flow is your pelvic floor muscle. If you haven’t feel anything then try stopping again but put your two fingers on your perineum (the area between your testicles and anus). You should feel the muscle that is used to contracting with your fingers.

Now everyday when you go to restroom try to stop your urine flow 2-3 times with your pelvic floor muscle.

(Basic) Cooling Down Exercise:

It is always important to end your workout session with Cooling Down Exercise. This is very simple and all you have to do is to soak your penis into warm water and then lower the temperature of water slightly after few minutes until it reaches at room temperature. Make sure it should feel cool and not cold on your skin.

This method of bathing has historical background taken from ancient Romans. This is surprisingly beneficial for you because it not only helps you in cooling down but also remove any discomfort you got by stretching or pulling out soft tissues of your penis.

If you feel discomfort after the exercise then it is important to DON’T increase intensity in your next workout. The goal is to perform exercise with consistency. If discomfort stays longer then you need to lower intensity. Make sure to don’t hurt your penis bit too much.

Consider these exercises as your beginner exercises. Try to perform them for at least four days in a week for a month. After a month gradually start increasing intensity.

Part III – Done For You Exercise Plan:

At this point, I have mentioned enough penis exercises that can improve your penis size by up to 2 inches in 6 months or so. If you need quicker results then I can suggest you using HGH supplement. Although I didn’t used HGH supplement myself but I know many men who obtain 2 full inches in just 3 months by combining HGH supplement with penis exercise.

Just a word of warning: Always select supplement from TOP brand. Don’t risk your health for few dollars.

Till now, you already got the idea of how you are going to use these exercise in your daily routine. I encourage you to create your own exercise routine. Stop looking for any more info about how to get a bigger penis because penis exercise is the only way you can obtain bigger penis naturally and safely.

I have created exercise plan for you, you can follow as it is or tweak it little bit according to your comfort.

Week 1-5:

Four days a week, do following:

Main Workout:

  • 10 Minutes Warm up
  • 10 minutes basic stretching
  • 10 minutes jelqing

Rest of The Day:

Do Kegel Exercise every time you use the restroom









Rest Day


Rest Day


Rest Day


Rest Day


Rest Day


Rest Day

Work Out

Rest Day


Rest Day


Rest Day


Rest Day


Rest Day


Rest Day


Rest Day


Rest Day

*Exercise 4 days a week on alternative weeks


At this point you now know much more about how to get a bigger penis than most men in the planet. You have each and everything that helped me in getting 8 inches penis and with the help of the information you just discover you can also make your penis stronger and longer.

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